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Celebrating 40 Years of


Christmas Wish

Making kids' dreams come true...

The Christmas Wish program serves Vacaville's financially disadvantaged families by matching local sponsors with underprivileged children in order to fulfill their Christmas wishes.

We distribute ornaments with a child’s name and 3 wishes. Members of the community and corporate sponsors can choose any number of children to shop for to fulfill those wishes.


For those who prefer to make a cash donation to support our efforts, you can do so by using the link on our DONATE page. Our elves will take care of the shopping and ensure that each child receives a gift.

Please use the DONATE link at any time thoughout the year to help us serve the children of Vacaville. 

In our 40+ years, we have served every registered Vacaville child. Please help us keep our commitment to the children of Vacaville.

Happy, Healthy Holidays to all!

Vacaville's Christmas Wish Board of Directors

Celebrating 40+ Years of

Vacaville Christmas Wish

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